About Us

sign The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has been operating the La Habra Family Resource Center (FRC) since 2004.

IHA partners with Friends of Family Health Center, a licensed community healthcenter, on health and wellness in our community. IHA has a nationally renowned program in health literacy, including our easy to read self help health book series, What To Do For Health, and our annual Health Literacy Conference for healthcare professionals.

The La Habra FRC serves the La Habra community and surrounding cities of Orange County. Under the mission of IHA, the FRC provides an array of family strengthening and support services by utilizing child abuse prevention practices.

All staff come with an array of experience, education and training to address the needs of the community, from very at risk families to those families who simply need information and resources. All staff are completely bilingual in English and Spanish and are ready and available to help.


FaCT (Families and Communities Together)

The La Habra Family Resource Center is funded by FaCT (Families and Communities Together) which is a partnership between the County of Orange Social Services Agency and Orangewood Children’s Foundation. FaCT is a network of 12 family resource centers in Orange County that all work together to strengthen and support the lives of children and families that live in Orange County.

Goals of the FaCT program are to:

  • Maintain the safety of children in their homes
  • Help families through crises that might lead to the removal of children from their homes or speed return of children to their homes
  • Alleviate stress and promote parental competencies

As part of the agreement, IHA is partnered with four other organizations: Public Law Center (legal service), the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra (anti-drug, anti-gang programs and childcare), Western Youth Services (Individual/Family/Group Counseling and Parenting Classes) and Interval House (Domestic Violence Services) to offer the following services:

  • Family Advocacy and Case Management
  • Community Resources and Referrals
  • Relative Caregiver Services
  • Domestic Violence Services
  • Legal Advice, Education, and Assistance
  • Counseling – Individual, Family, and Group
  • Parent Education Classes – Spanish and English
  • S.M.A.R.T Moves Program
  • Community Engagement Advisory Council
  • Differential Response Program – a program for Social Services Agency families who are referred by their social worker.

Health Access Promotion Program

Health Access Promotion Program provided by The Raise Foundation, provides health-related services for children 0-3, pregnant mothers and their families who live in the cities of La Habra and Buena Park.

Bilingual English/Spanish services include:

  • Health insurance application assistance
  • Immunization screenings
  • Parent education classes, information and referral services
  • Developmental screenings
  • Oral health education
  • And home visitations by a Promotora or Public Health Nurse.

Differential Response (DR) Program

The Differential Response program is also funded by FaCT as a partnership between Orange County Social Services Agency and Orangewood Children’s Foundation. This program is for social services agency families who are directly referred to a DR family resource center by their social worker.

This program provides all services provided within the family resource center but also includes:

DR Family Advocacy – The Family Advocate/Case Worker will receive the social services agency referral and work directly with the social worker and the family to provide support services, resources, linkages and follow-up.

DR In Home Family Support Services – An In-Home Family Specialist will provide in-home services surrounding issues such as: parenting, communication, domestic violence, time management/organization and more.

Community Engagement Advisory Council – Resident Leadership Group

The Community Engagement Advisory Council named the La Habra Action Council (LAC). LAC is group of community residents learning leadership skills under policy and advocacy that address issues surrounding the community. This group is currently working on several projects and is learning how to advocate for healthy communities and tackle issues that may prevent proper nutrition and physical activity in their community.

Father Involvement Program – Supporting Father Involvement

This program is funded by Strategies and is a family focused, evidence based program aimed at effectively engaging fathers as a key participant in family support and strengthening. This program offers the FRC multiple levels of participation in building effective strategies and methods to recruit, engage, and support the participation of fathers in the lives of their families and the services provided.

Coming soon.. Teen Support Program

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